Ween - white pepper

From its Sanskrit roots, today's pepper is derived from the Old English pipor [5] and from Latin, which is the source of Romanian piper , Italian pepe , Dutch peper , German Pfeffer , French poivre , and other similar forms. [5]

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Chocolate and Cheese  is full of good songs, but few great ones – the kiss-off of ‘Baby Bitch’ and the Caribbean groove of ‘Voodoo Lady’ come closest. Yet it’s more than the sum of its parts, careening through a myriad of styles;  Chocolate and Cheese  is dazzlingly eclectic, throwing in everything from Philly Soul (‘Freedom of ’76’), a Mexican/western shaggy dog story (‘Buenas Tardes Amigo’), indulgent guitar soloing (‘A Tear For Eddie’), twee pop (‘Roses Are Free’), and closing advice (‘Don’t Shit Where You Eat’).

Ween - White PepperWeen - White PepperWeen - White PepperWeen - White Pepper