Soul-junk* soul junk - 1941

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I switched, calmly and without guilt, back to a meat-eating diet. I was still conscious that another being was giving its life to support mine, and so chose to purchase my food from a local farm that honored both the land they worked and the animals they raised. There, the pigs and chickens and cows and sheep were housed in clean and comfortable surroundings, with plenty of room, and daily access to grass and pasture, sun, shade, water and fresh air. When I sat down to a meal, I gave thanks for the animal that was about to nourish me and the farm that provided the animal. And I guiltlessly enjoyed every bite.

Soul-Junk* Soul Junk - 1941Soul-Junk* Soul Junk - 1941Soul-Junk* Soul Junk - 1941Soul-Junk* Soul Junk - 1941