Churner - the innocent years

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  • The Times - Concise - Times2 Concise 6731 - June 5, 2015
Related Clues:
  • Bread spread
  • See 45-Across
  • Spread
  • Fat
  • Stick in the fridge
  • Edible fat
  • Dairy product
  • Churned stuff
  • Milk product
  • See 1 Across
  • Creamery product
  • Churner's creation
  • Hollan-daise ingredient
  • If it wouldn't melt in your mouth, you're innocent
  • Solid fat churned from milk
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a smol bean who is too hot, precious, and innocent for this world and deserves nothing but the best because he is perfection and deserves everyone’s affection, and deserves a cookie and a hug person: so what is your opinion on newt scamander? me,an intellectual: a steamy cinnamon roll

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Churner - The Innocent YearsChurner - The Innocent YearsChurner - The Innocent YearsChurner - The Innocent Years